Monday, October 31, 2011

The $5 Rug skirt

After being inspired by this post by Geneva from A pair and a Spare I was brimming with excitement when I found some colourful rugs/door mats/whatever you'd like to call them made from weaved jersey fabrics at my local Dollars and Sense store. Snapping two rugs up at the crazy price of $2.50 each I took them home and got my DIY/sewing on.

I basically followed the exact process Geneva laid out. I pinned the two rugs together using the outline of another fitted skirt (I use my Gorman Pencil skirt). Then I sewed down the sides, cut of the excess and zigzag stiched the raw edges to prevent fraying. Due to the nature of the rug I had to be careful when cutting the edges off as there was real potential for the 'wire knit' that holds the fabric together to unravel. I will say that the thickness of the fabric was not loved by my sewing machine but we got there in the end!
Pinned, sewn and hacked off
I also added to darts in the front of my skirt to prevent it from stretching out and losing it's shape/falling down.

I am delighted with the result. The stretchy fabric hides all manner of sins, it's super comfy and flattering and the multitude of colours in the fabric make it lots of fun to mix and match. I may just make another...look out Dollars and Sense.
Rug skirt in action - Let's call this Sunday summer casual
I know I look like a dick but trust me - you too can have a but like Kim K thanks to this sin-hiding fabric!

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