Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's in the bag...

You know when you see something you like and your heart beats a little faster? Your temperature rises a little and if you're like me, your ability to maintain composure goes out the window...? This is what happened when I first met The Boy. Ok so I may have been a little less than composed because of that bottle of wine I'd finished of earlier but I'm telling you, that feeling  of 'OMG I want that to be mine!' is not something you can forget easily.

Luckily for me, I still get that feeling all the time...primarily when I'm looking on ASOS - who incidentally are seeking staff to help them set up an Australian ASOS site (!!!!!) - keep breathing now, you can do it, slowly in and out. Right now, this is the bag that gives me that feeling.
ASOS Leather Colour Block Satchel

I saw it in a post by Susie from Take-out in Couture and honestly my heart skipped a beat. Pink, corally-red, gold buckled satchel where have you been all my life? I went searching for it immediately and Boom! A new bag dream was born. I say dream because I really don't need it and when I look at anything now I have to remind myself that saving for London is more important (plus I already own a pink satchel bag and a red sort-of satchel bag) But goddamn it's hard to ignore this feeling!

Let's all appreciate the amazingness that is a colour pop bag. Especially one in corally-red and pink. I would also encourage to to scroll down for your dose of turquoise envelope clutches and leopard print.

Now let's all  fantasise about the endlessly adorable outfits that could become friends with these bags...
ASOS Leather Portfolio Clutch

ASOS PREMIUM Leather Bag With Leopard Print Trim

ASOS Patent Twist Lock Saddle Bag
Happy dreaming...see you in a bit xx

Monday, June 20, 2011

Go back to where you came from


Today is World Refugee Day and if you’re in the land down under, I’d encourage you to switch your TV on to SBS One at 8:30pm because a pretty extraordinary TV-show is about to air.
Over the next three nights, SBS will be screening the documentary series Go Back to Where You Came From. The series will follow six ordinary Australians as they take part in a 25 day journey that will send them to some of the most dangerous and remote parts of the world.  Essentially, they will be retracing the path taken by many refugees to safety – only in reverse.
Throughout the journey the participants will be deprived of their wallets, passports, phones and of course any of their ‘creature comforts’. They will experience what it is like to travel to a foreign land on an unsafe boat and also a frightening mid-ocean rescue.
Then there’s the confronting of African refugee camps, immigration raids and slums.
The participants
The series will no doubt be compelling viewing and I hope – along with many others – that it will raise awareness and understanding for the plight of refugees throughout Australia and the World.
It won’t be pretty but it will provoke discussion and really, that’s a huge step towards eliminating ignorance.
So switch it on tonight, and get informed.
*If you'd like more information on refugees in Australia check out the SBS World News site and it's special Refugee week coverage.
**Images courtesy of SBS.
***Edited - The show starts on Tuesday 21st June

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inaugural Australian ZARA expedition

Panic, mayhem, bitchiness and no purchases marked my first visit to Zara’s flagship Australian store in Sydney. The words epic fail pretty much some up this shopping experience for me.

Honestly, you know my love of Zara – over the years it has provided me with leopard print skirts, floral maxis, smart blazers, tailored shirts, jeans, red suede heels…you get the picture. So imagine my devastation when my first trip to Zara Australia didn’t meet my (admittedly very high) expectations. I’m talking a Sex and the City 2 level of disappointment here ladies…maybe even a bigger let down than when I discovered Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansen*.

Such was the devastation, The Boy had to buy me a Caramello Koala to distract me until I recovered enough to keep shopping.

Anyway back to Zara. Not since the great Myer Stocktake sale of 2006 (during which I worked in the heavily discounted lingerie department) have I seen so many women rifling through piles of wearable items, snatching things off hangers and queuing for miles outside the fitting rooms.

The atmosphere can really only be described as cutthroat.

My lack of enthusiasm for this environment meant that I most likely missed out on any good stuff still in the store…I mean where the hell was these?


Or any of these for that matter?


No doubt they were already sold out or secured in the arms of the blonde who spiked me with her umbrella in the haste to secure the one (and only) navy dress that caught my eye.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. 

*Of course I am aware that Ryan is back on the market…this analogy not only renews my hope that one day I will have a celebrity wedding payed for by People Magazine but also that Zara will turn itself around and start selling things I want to buy!  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydney Weekender

The Boy and I have just returned from a lovely extended break in Sydney. Jealous much?

We stayed in the heart of Darlinghurst/Surrey Hills (across from Hyde Park and just off Oxford St) and boy did we have fun! We also saw a few lady boys but that's what happens when you're sleeping half a block from the drag shows. Basically, we spent a lot of time sleeping in, eating out and drinking up.

The leaves were falling and we although it did rain a little we were lucky to get some beautiful sunny days to enjoy the harbour city in all it's glory. Now you can see for yourselves - but be warned this post is photo heavy. Oh and if you want to know where to eat in Sydney just skip to the end.

Autumn leaves in Hyde Park

Love in a Harbour city...

Wine and Cheese at Opera Kitchen? Yes please!

This is how you at a burger


Vivid Live Festival

So where exactly did we eat and drink? Here's my short but comprehensive list of some old favourites and some new discoveries (for me at least).
  • Opera Kitchen, Circular Key - The tagline says it's Sydney's finest food with the world's best view. Not too far fetched if you ask me. Cheese platter was amazing and you can't go past the burgers!
  • Yulli's , Surrey Hills- vegetarian and totally tasty. Try the mixed chip plate, avoid the zucchini flowers (disappointment) and DON'T MISS the white Belgian chocolate caramel slice. It is worth every calorie.
  • Hugo's, Manly- After visiting Hugo's in the Cross a few years ago, this time we caught the ferry out to Manly to feast on their gourmet pizza's. Gluten free Chorizo was by far the favourite.
  • Pocket Bar, Darlinghurst - possibly my favourite. We went in for a quick afternoon drink....and left a few hours later, merry and full of tasty food.
  • The Winery. Surry Hills- Grey Goose, great tunes and we stayed a whole lot longer than expected!
  • Flying Squirrel Tapas Bar, Bondi - Sangria, baby octopus, AMAZING falafel, sardines - you want it? They got it. 
  • Fifi Foveux's, Surrey Hills - every time I'm in Sydney I go here for a strawberry smoothie without fail. The breakfast's are tasty and reasonably priced - just make sure you have cash on you as there are no eftpos facilities.  
Now, when are you going to Sydney??


    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    One more sleep

    At the moment I feel like this:
    Because The Boy arrives tomorrow! TOMORROW! In less than 24 hours!!
    I. Can't. Wait.
    Soon my life will again be full of this:

    And this:
    Source: via Kirst on Pinterest

    And this:

    And let's not forget the importance of this in our relationship:

    Honestly tea, cake and shoes can only make a relationship better...
    (unless you have a joint bank account).

    As of tomorrow we will look like this:
    Source: via Kirst on Pinterest

    (I'm not even kidding you. It's kind of freaky how similar we are to these dolls. I have that coat and he owns glasses like that, we like to hold hands sometimes, he likes books, we actually kind of look like them...)

    I'm so happy I might dance in my pajamas....again.