Monday, April 25, 2011

Beach holidays...

I spent Easter Sunday at Noosa and Marcoola beaches on the Sunshine Coast. The weather and company were divine and I really didn't want to leave! Can you blame me? It was pretty much the perfect day...

Firstly there was Main Beach at Noosa (which actually came after coffee and visiting the shops on Hastings St but who really cares)
Beach time was followed/combined with Gelati from Massimo's. I had passionfruit and Irene had raspberry. Delicious!
After our first dessert came a lunch of seafood, salads, sparkling wine and this mouthwatering berry and cream spongy thing:
My mum made it. I might have felt sick all afternoon because it was so rich but it was worth it!

Of course I was a little tired from trying to digest all the food so after lunch I needed a lie down. 
It made sense to do it here.
I took some pics of my new rings (that I bought when I met up with my fabulous friend N who is visiting for the holiday break). 
I thought the beautiful blue beach/sky background might make things a little more interesting.
I also failed at taking pics of my new rings...but look at that sky!
This is me, post ring photo success! I am not smiling not only because I LOVE the beach and feel totally relaxed, but also because in 39 days the boy will be here and I intend to drag him back to Noosa...and maybe we'll never leave?
I feel that an important part of any beach trip is watching the sunset. This time I saw it set over the Maroochy River on my way home.
This is the river just pre-sunset
And of course: Sunset

Told you so - utter perfection.

It's a mad, mad world

Hello everybody! I trust you're all having a wonderful Easter long weekend and that you may have spent some time today remembering the ANZACs.

This is just a few pics from my friend Matt's 'Mad Men' themed party on Saturday night. I think my hair makes me look about 50 years old but I have to say that it was really fun to get dressed up a little differently. Don't you think everyone looks uh-maz-ing!
The 60s were a fun and glamourous time and I was aiming for that kind of feel when I paired my beautiful gold Mimco necklace that was a gift from some dear friends with this old Witchery dress.


After reading about how Blair creates the super volume in her hair I got me some Nak done and dusted hair texturising powder and managed to created this beehivey hairstyle in about 10 minutes. I tell you you put this stuff in and your hair appears ten times fuller - it makes me so happy! I honestly don't think the photos do my beehive and its massive volume justice though...The gold nail polish is Ulta 3's Gold Rush Fever and I am totally OBSSESSED with it. I also bought Silver Grey but I seem to be having a 'gold' moment so I'm going to roll with it.

That's all for now, have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ring a ding-ding


Fact of the matter is I like rings. Gold, silver, big small. I love them all! I have a pretty vast collection that I'm always adding to and will continue to do so - unfortunately just not at the minute due to my recent Mimco purchase! This is a difficult rule to stick to (you all know how spending rules turn out for me...) after seeing this post on Red Phoenix and spending a lunch hour or two trying to de-stress myself by looking online at pretty things. But I will soldier and and rather than going out and purchasing a new ring I am going to stay in and blog about the fabulous ones I already own! So here we go.

Let's start with Marine life. A logical place to start right? Behold my gorgeous sandy starfish. As the ever stylish FF would say 'I luff it 11/10'!
I bought this ring when I was living in Canada from a pop up store at a Vancouver Street Market. After that I saw it in US/Canadian Glamour magazine for 4 times the price. This further cemented my unconditional love for it. Everytime I wear it I remember summer in Vancouver and just how god damn pretty and fun jewellery can be! The nail polish is Coral Sunset by the way.
What girl doesn't love pink, purple and diamantes? At $12 this was a cheapy from Diva...but shedoes not disappoint! Can you see that sparkle?

You might have seen me wear this ring in this post. It was on sale for $5 - again at Diva. that place really is a treasure trove! My friend IJ bought it for me as part of my Christmas gift. It is pretty much perfect for all occasions - festivals, cocktails, name it.

This picture is a collection of my less 'showy' rings. The silver and amber ones were my mums back in the day and the shell was a gift from my sister A. I travelled around the world with them all.

Another gift from A, who bought this big sparkler back for me from Paris. Every time I wear it people eye it off. I can't really blame them though. Who doesn't love a glamourous frenchy?

These little ones are a bit of a mixed bag. The big one is again from Diva, the middle one I picked off a Total Girl Magazine (don't worry I bought it) about 4 years ago and the pink and red on on the right I bought when I was in Bosnia (specifically Mostar - the capital of Herzegovina). My travel buddy A bought the same ring but in green and blue.

This one is simple but also one of my favourites. I bought it the day I arrived in Santorini two years ago. It's gold and has warmed my fingers through about 20 countries and still gets worn probably more regularly then any of my rings. I honestly could not replace this it is so special to me.

But like I said there's always room for more....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Biting the Big Apple

What do Carrie Bradshaw, Roy Lichtenstein and Vampire Weekend all have in common?

New York City baby

I've been to New York twice and loved every bit of it. Indeed I played the role of a typical /NYC tourist with enthusiasm! I climbed the Empire State Building, stalked the corridors of the Met and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the Statue of Liberty. Of course, I enjoyed all of these and (aside from ol’ Liberty) would recommend doing them but the things I really loved in New York were more about experiencing the city like a local. As two of my girlfriends are about to jump on a plane to Manhattan and another one is going later in the year, I thought I'd do a post to help them (and you) navigate the big apple. Enjoy girls!
View from Top of the Rock
New York, New York.
Population: Over 8 million people live in New York City!!
Currency: US Dollar
Language: English but with more than 35% of New York's current population born outside the United States you'll hear many diverse accents and languages.
Trivia: More than 250 films are shot on location in New York each year.

How I got there: I flew British Airways from London to New York. I flew into JFK but have flown in and out of Newark too. I got a shuttle from the airport to my accommodation. Shuttles = convenient, well priced and easily organise when you've just come off a long haul flight.

Where I stayed: Most recently I stayed at Columbus Circle Hostel. It was in a great location - just a few blocks from the subway and it was clean and safe. It also had luggage storage facilities, free wi-fi and a full kitchen so I was able to save money cooking some of my own food.


No trip to New York is complete without crossing off at least one or two of the touristy things. Whether you have a week, a month or a few days you should try to fit in at least one or two of the following.

1. Get up early to beat the crowds going up the Empire State Building.
2. Watch the sun set over the city from the Top of The Rock (Rockafellar Centre).
2. Wander through Central Park: go ice-skating during winter or you’re your way to Strawberry Fields and have a Beatles moment.
4. Enjoy the many galleries and Museums: especially The Met (a must see), the Guggenheim and MOMA.
5. Have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment.
6.Stalk out the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. Beware, he can grope a little!
7. Grab yourself a cheap ticket to a Broadway show.
8. If you’re a Sex and The City or Gossip Girl fan. Do the tour and make sure you book in advance. Yes it’s cheesy but it’s so much fun! You can even do your very own Flight of the Conchords walking tour...
9. SHOP! Whether you like high street or high end, you wil find it in New York. Channel Blair Warldorf with a visit to Bendels on 5th Avenue (the best shopping strip in New York - especially between 39th and 60th Streets). 
10. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten, from the Battery to the top of Manhattan...just like the Beastie Boys said there is more to New York than Manhattan so get off the island and go exploring! 
Food and Drink
1. Head to Little Italy for a delicious Italian lunch. I ate some of the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve been to Italy twice!) in New York at Benito One on Mulberry St. I’m not even kidding you. This place should be number one on your list of restaurants! Plus afterwards you can wander the designer boutiques in Nolita.
2. Anyone who’s ever watched Sex and The City will want to visit the Magnolia Bakery. The cupcakes are delicious but if you are seeking something tasty and a little healthier head to Babycakes on Broome St. Before you screw up your noise at the thought of a going to a Vegan bakery take a look at the Brownies, cupcakes, muffins and cookies on their website. Trust me they taste as good as they look and if you’re gluten intolerant or have any other dietary problems they will look after you.
Delicious Magnolia cuppies
3. Pizza and hot dogs are probably New York’s most famous dishes. If you want pizza I’d recommend Joe’s Pizza near NYU. There is zero ambience at this place but the pizza was delicious and it was just a short walk to some great bars where I spent the rest of the evening.
4. Whilst in New York I had dinner at Buddakan – where Carrie Bradshaw celebrates her engagement to Mr Big in the first Sex and The City film. It was great! Food was delicious, cocktails were potent and the service was…wanky. But you can’t really expect anything else now can you?
5. Tasty D-lite. The name says it all. Make it happen ok?
6. Tai-Pan Bakery in Chinatown is another great place to pick up some lunch or a snack. Beware though- it gets busy!
7. Get your arse to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bedford Avenue to be specific. Crammed with restaurants, bars, vintage stores, boutiques and hipsters I spent a few days simply wandering up and down trying to figure out who had the best burrito and the greatest drinks. This place was heaven in a street.
Williamsburg mural
Getting Around: Catching the subway or walking are the best ways to get around. Taxis are ok but I’m pretty sure my credit card got skimmed paying for a cab after a late night so just be careful.

Don’t forget to take: A big leather bag that can fit water, sunglasses, gum, camera, and a subway map in it! Oh and if you're going out to Brooklyn make sure you take a map rather than assuming your regular 'Map of NYC' will cover this area. Most of them don't.
Where I shopped: I'd loved to say Chanel and Barney's but basically I hit the high street stores and Century 21 which has some AMAZING designers finds at discount prices - I bought an amazing bandage dress there for next to nothing! Just make sure you prepare yourself in advance for sorting through about 2.7 million clothing racks. 
What I wore: I mostly got around in Zara jeans, a black blazer and ballet flats or a cute dress, cardigan and knee high flat boots. Not the most interesting outfits I know but I'd been travelling for a few months and was extremely limited in wardrobe supplies!
What I listened to: Bands from New York.So Vampire Weekend, MGMT, The Ramones, Talking get the picture.

And that my friends, is New York, in a nutshell.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fiscally responsible?


Yesterday I went to the Mimco outlet store at DFO and splurged a little. My bad. I bought these two headbands for $10 each - which retailed at $50 and $70 respectively-  and this Half Moon Black Day bag for $215 (reduced from  $450!!). It's 100% leather with patent leather trim - the pictures don't do it justice and I plan to use it as an 'everyday, work and play' bag that will (hopefully) last me forever/a long time.

Although I spent more than I normally would on a bag I really do view it as an investment piece. Plus the fact that I saved $335 off the RRP ($335!!) kind of  makes me feel like I'm a smart, financially responsible woman.

But am I?

I still spent money which I probably didn't need to spend so am I really just an irresponsible spender trying to kid myself otherwise?

Personally, I would never ever purchase any of these items at their original prices. I simply couldn't afford it and seriously $70 for a headband?? Get real. As much as I love Mimco I really do feel that they severely inflate their prices to increase the perceived value of their goods. But if they do this and I feel like I'm getting a bargain when they have a sale, am I actually getting one or am I just being persuaded by marketing tactics into thinking I'm saving money when I'm still spending it?! It's an interesting question don't you think?

I will be pondering this as I take my new bag to work tomorrow accompanied by a sparkly red heart and a  big smile. Or perhaps I"ll be too caught up in admiring it's soft leather to even think about it...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SOS please someone help me

It’s not healthy for me to feel this way…about a dress.

It’s been a couple of months since I bought my Motel ‘Garden' print Patty dress which I'm wearing in this post. Normally after owning something for a while I find that it starts to lose a little bit of its allure, but not the Patty. Nope. I am still completely obsessed with this dress and can’t stop raving about the perfect fit and versatility it beholds. 

I have worn it to many different occasions from work to weekends and have never felt under or overdressed. This is certainly the best dress I've bought in a long while. I feel instantly great when I put it on and with winter quickly approaching I thought it might be nice to investigate the possibility of buying the Patty in other fabrics. 

Unfortunately, ‘Operation Pocket a Patty’ hasn’t exactly worked out as I had hoped.
After discovering the dress in ‘Another Rose’ (see pictured) I have spent literally hours scrolling through online shopping websites trying to hunt it down in my size. Alas, it appears that only extra smalls are still around because the print is from last year. BOO! Why am I constantly behind the trends? First Zumba now this...

I can feel myself spiraling into a deep depression as my Ebay search results are equally fruitless. I am even considering the slightly (not really) more available black polka dot version but it just won't do. I’m almost ready to give up and consult my mum on how to make a pattern from the dress but before I do - can anyone help?

Have you spied Patty in a medium or large? Give me a tip off if you have!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet Charlie

This is my adorable puppy dog Charlie. We saved him from a puppy farm and when we brought him home he was really timid and easily frightened. At first he didn't know that he had his own bowl to eat from and would wait patiently for out other dog Rose to finish her food. It makes me so sad that people treat animals so poorly at times.

When Charlie came to live with us we gave him all our love and now he is the happiest, friendliest and most affectionate little chap a girl could know. I love him beyond all words.
My favourite
If you want to help stop puppy farming you can visit the RSPCA website page here. This year I'm hoping to participate in the RSPCA Cupcake Day Challenge in August so giving myself plenty of time to get ready I downloaded the information booklet today! You should get involved too  here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mmm muffins


This morning I decided to whip up some white chocolate and raspberry muffins for a birthday picnic so I pulled out my trusty recipe folder (which is actually just a stack of crinkly, flour-covered sheets of paper) and got cooking.

This is a ridiculously easy recipe so I thought I'd share it with you in case you ever have a craving for something sweet that you can bake in under 30 minutes.

You'll need:
  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 cup caster sugar
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips (preferably ones that don't hold their shape when cooked - unlike the ones I had!)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence 
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 100g butter (melted)
  • 1 cup frozen  raspberries - in fact or any berries you desire. Frozen works best though as they hold their shape.
It's easy as! 

1. Preheat your oven to 180 Celsius and line your muffin tins.
2. Sift flour and baking powder in a large bowl then add sugar and chocolate bits. Stir to combine.

3. Combine and mix milk, eggs, vanilla essence and butter in separate bowl. (NB: I actually forgot to add the butter into this which probably explains why my muffins seemed to adhere to their patty cases with fierce determination. Haha oopsy. They still tasted great though - to prove it my friend W ate about 6 of them in 20 minutes.)

4. Add your liquid mix to the dry ingredients and mix well.

5. Gently add raspberries to the mixture. Be careful here as you don't want to over-stir and have your muffins go bright pink.
6. Place into muffin pan and bake! My oven tends to run on the hot side so I baked them for 20 minutes and they came up a beautiful golden colour. 
7. Gorge yourself!! Or take to a picnic in the park for your lovely friends birthday...or both