Friday, February 10, 2012

A-dressing a Dilemma Part 3: The Engagement Party.

So it’s been months. MONTHS since I’ve posted one of these a-dressing a dilemma posts…but you know what? Now they’re back on the blog as an occasional feature.

So first up. With three couples I know planning on holding their engagement parties this year, and more and more people I know announcing their plans to wed and settle down I thought I’d address the dilemma of what to wear to an engagement party.

As it’s a special occasion you need an extra special outfit, but what does one wear for such a celebratory shindig? And what happens if you’re a little strapped for cash? Well first things first - you need to dress to fit the venue - and be classy about it.

Engagement 1

If it’s at a fancy cocktail bar

Glam it the hell up but try to limit the cleavage and legs on shoe – you are not the centre of attention today. I tend to gravitate towards colour but I do think it's nice to be a bit girly or to rock a 'softer look' at an engagement party. Of course this depends on your style but I would say a fluro pink body-con dress is probably not appropriate at most engagement parties held outside of Vegas.

Strapped for cash? 

Why not breathe life into an old skirt or dress using this tutorial. Dip dying is simple and can look great paired with simple accessories.

Sit down dinner at a restaurant?

It pays to look polished. Your outfit should be chic but still comfortable (preferably with room to hide a food baby).

A sit down dinner may limit the time you’re on your feet mingling and result in potential outfit crushing so I would definitely go with a fabric that doesn’t crease if possible.

You can afford to make a statement with accessories here – those killer heels you can’t stand up in for long, some massive sparkly earrings or a chunky necklace will catch the eye and lift a simple outfit.

In a park or back yard?

Relax a little. A pretty summer dress with some cute sandals or some structured pants with a printed top and flats are perfect for this kind of occasion.

So what would I love to be wearing to some of the engagement parties I've got coming up? Probably any of the above. A little romance and girlieness makes up my perfect party outfit...especially if there's a little sparkle thrown in there! I can feel a sewing project coming on...

xx Kirst


  1. I'm attempting to make a dress for this weekend. Note I say attempting...not sure I'll pull it off. It will be the first dress I've made...if I can.

    1. You can do it Rach! I wish I had planned ahead a little better but I'm sure I'll find something suitable to wear!

  2. I found a pretty, dressy and breastfeeding friendly dress which I could afford (which is practically impossible). So excited to wear it! :) From Liz

    1. Why Hello Lizzie! I didn't know you were on here :) Welcome to my little blog - I'm going to go check yours out now!


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