Friday, January 27, 2012

Fair trade and fashionable - Bags to love

As a dedicated blog reader, I have spent months watching my favourite bloggers like Jen from Little Bird and Susie from Take-out in Couture sporting satchels from Cambridge Satchel Company

These amazing bags were all over New York Fashion week last year and celebs can't seem to get enough either so of course I want one. 

Even though I don't go to university or school and therefore don't really have a specific need for a satchel (and I received a beautiful Mimco satchel for Christmas) I still really, really want one of these bags.

Not only are the Cambridge Satchel's company satchel's available in a rainbow of hues but they can be embossed with your initials and are handmade in Britain which makes them none other than fair trade fashion. 

I do believe that's what we like to call a Win-Win people. 

The biggest problem is choosing which one to buy...should it be a classic colour, a gorgeous green and navy one or a designer leopard print one that is exclusive to asos.

Cambridge Satchel Company Classic Green and Navy
Cambridge Satchel Company ASOS Exclusive Leopard Pony Skin Pocket Satchel
Cambridge Satchel Company ASOS Exclusive Leather Plum Satchel


Of course Cambridge Satchel Company aren't the only British, fair trade company creating amazing leather goods. Zatchels is hot on their heels producing fun and quirky bags to boot.

You can purchase a pink and white polka dot satchel, a satchel printed with love hearts, lady bugs or flowers or one that's simply a Kaleidescope of colour. 
Zatchels satchel in Yellow
Zatchels Pink and White Polka Dot satchel
Limited Edition Zatchels Kaleideskope Satchel
Zatchels Colour Block Satchel
Of course, DIY is another great part of ethical fashion so if you love the look of these bags but aren't too excited by the price head of over to the wonderful DIY blog Glitter 'N Glue to see Kristen's amazing Cambridge Satchel Inspired tutorial here. She is one talented lady!

Which bag is your favourite? Do you have a Satchel by one of these wonderful fairtrade companies? I'd love to hear from you.

xoxo Kirst


  1. I've ordered myself a Cambridge Satchel for my birthday and have my blog post all ready and waiting for the photos! So just don't order the same one as me.

    It also took me a week to pick a size and colour but I figured I could always get one and if I love it as much as I'm expecting to, then I get another for Christmas!

  2. Oh really? that is so exciting! Which one did you get? I want one soooo badly but I am meant to be saving. Why oh why can't I be rich!?


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