Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A-dressing a dilemma - Part 2

From Blondie's love of leather pants to the platform shoes of the Spice Girls, you can’t deny that fashion and music go hand in hand.

In recent years, the enduring and constantly evolving romance between the two has given us sparkly leotards (thanks Karen O), latex dresses (no thanks Katy Perry) and of course the ubiquitous skinny jean/leather jacket combo of indie bands everywhere.Photobucket

I think it's pretty obvious when I say that in this partnership, boundaries don't exist. The lovechild of self expression means you can flirt with pretty much whatever style you want and it's this that makes dressing for gigs and festivals especially fun...as long as you don't go overboard.

Personally, I think that expensive frocks, heels of any kind and that 'fashionable' feathered headdress are best avoided as they will get trashed and look ridiculous on a muddy field/in a sweaty bar.

So what do you wear to a gig, that is both fashion forward and comfortable?

I need a quick answer to this question if I'm going to kill it at The Drums tomorrow night! I've tried turning to my favourite It girls but as I haven't been blessed with their twiggy arms and endless legs I find 'channeling' their look rather difficult at time. The Asos' 2011 Festival shop which has recently launched for the northern Summer, is brimming with micro denim shorts, baggy singlets and fedoras, outfits well known to the indie hipster...but again not really my most flattering friends. So what to wear?


I think I'm going to go with black. I know, not exactly original - but rest-assured there will be leopard print and red involved too. I can see you rolling your eyes again...'but it's just so "done"' you say. Well I don't care! It will still be fabulous like!

The wolf ring is the only thing I've decided on. I'm torn between three options that inspired/are inspired by (you can do both people) the below picture board:

1. My leopard print Motel dress, gladiators and jacket/cardigan.
2. My grey-spotted Motel dress with ballet flats/brown boots plus cardigan
3. My adored Motel 'Patty' dress (are we seeing a pattern here?) OR
4. Skinny jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket.

So what will it be?? Any new ideas for me? Am I a walking, talking cliche wearing any of these?? HELP!

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