Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Step forward: my progress so far

The holiday season was never going to be an easy time to dedicate myself to getting healthy and fit but I honestly haven’t found it to be too hard because of all the preparation I did.
That’s right ladies and gents – preparation is key if you’re trying to make a permanent change to your health!
So where do you start?
Well, Instead of inhaling chocolate and guzzling champagne throughout November and December, I’ve spent my time overdosing on fitness and health related blogs, magazines, books, tweets, and websites along with the odd fashion and beauty blog too!
Check out and if you want to get FIT-spired!
Have you all discovered Tanya Burr? Her youtube channel has the most beautiful make-up tutorials and has me hooked hardcore…but make-up tutes are for another time.
First off let’s talk diet.
I’m not on one. I have however, changed my eating habits. I have never eaten particularly poorly but I recently made the decision to stick to clean food as much as possible. I’ve tried to remove all sugar from my diet (with the exception of some berries or mango on the odd occasional) and processed food is all but gone too. I’ve increased my protein and veggie intake and also reduced starchy carbs like potatoes.
I do miss sugar a little bit (that stuff is like crack) but the less I have the more I less I want it and the easier it gets to say no. I love food and I still very much enjoy it but now I am much more conscious about what I eat. I think to myself, 'What will this food give my body?'
‘Will it energise me and make me feel strong or will it make me feel guilty and sluggish?’
‘Will it help me push my limits to run further or lift heavier or will it make me tired and push me further away from my goal?' 

It's pretty easy to work out the answer to these if you're over the age of 15.

My general rule is that if eating something (e.g. creamy pasta) will take me further away from achieving my goal it’s put into the no go zone. Even if I am dying for a bite of chocolate once I put eating it into perspective with my ultimate goal it just doesn’t seem worth it!

But what about alcohol you say. How do you say no to all those festive drinks? The champagne… the cocktails?

Luckily for me, this part has been really easy. I tend to have a better time when I’m not drinking and I adore/am slightly obsessed with soda water so going alcohol free hasn’t been a problem at all.
Give me a soda water with some fresh lime and I can party all night. Make the switch and your body will love you for it too. Seriously, why would you want to wake up reeking of booze with a headache and blood shot eyes when you can wake-up refreshed, ready for some cardio and feeling great?!
The other key ingredients: Exercise and Staying motivated.

Diet is key if you want to lose weight, feel healthier and become leaner but exercise and staying motivated are equally as important.

My whole life I have tended to focus my efforts on what I look like and not worry too much about my health or fitness but this time things are different.

Instead of being motivated by looks alone I'm focussing my energy on getting my fitness back, becoming stronger, faster and leaner.
I've made goals and I've ramped up my gym sessions to put me on the path to achieving them.

I want to lift more, run further and faster and generally feel like a strong, sexy woman. Increasing my weight training has definitely made a difference to my appearance.
My weight hasn’t changed much in the past month but the muscles in my arms and legs are more prominent and I can see a difference (even if no one else can).

It is motivation enough to stay focussed this Christmas and New Year. I want minimal wobbly bits for my birthday in February – hard work is going to get me there J

Until next time.

Xx Kirst

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