Thursday, February 16, 2012

I won!

Hey Everyone, just a quick one because I wanted to share some exciting news...I came joint first place in Katy Potaty's Valentine's day nail art competition. WOOT WOOT! I was so suprised because i thought my entry was crap commpared to everyone else's. Needless to say I am stoked! I certainly don't need any more polish but I always want more and winning it is extra great :)

How did I achieve this amazing joint first-place feat? I used OPI's That's Hot Pink underneath a couple of coats of OPI's Excuse Moi. If you want to buy your own (they are both wonderful and essential items in any nail polish collection) you can get them at a reduced price over at The Glossery. Here's a dodgy instagram pic of my nails and then a slightly better one of my Valentine's day outfit. I went for pink because I adhere to Faux Fuschia's style guidance that channeling the Fashion Icon that is Barbie is perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged.
Alannah Hill Top (so old), Vintage Bally Belt and hand sewn pencil skirt.
How did everyone enjoy Valentine's Day? The Boy and I don't really celebrate as we like to express our love for each other throughout the year. We got Mexican take out in our gym gear. Not super romantic but it was still awesome because we were together :) I really do think you can feel the love in the air on Valentine's Day don't you?

Anyway, sending my love you way
xx Kirst

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