Monday, January 31, 2011

So it's been a while...


Yes. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written a post but in my defence life has really gotten in the way! Namely, Christmas, New Years, and a visit from the boy.

Seen as he came all the way from the UK and we only had 2 weeks together I felt that I needed to take the time to show off my Country and give him a few great reasons to come back – other than me of course.  

So, here’s a quick run down of how I made him fall in love with Australia:

1. I debuted Betty on Main Beach at Noosa – the boy was an instant fan and I felt like a 1950s siren. Double win.

2. I took him to Australia Zoo and forced him to get his photo taken with an array of Australian fauna including Kangaroos and a Koala. He liked the furry cuteness but not the smell. I like feeding Kangaroos and patting Koalas too = another double win.

This is a pic of a little Koala we saw in the Wildlife Hospital. What a cutie!
3. Remember this Motel dress? I posted about it in November? Well I bought it at Youth Culture at Noosa with The Boy’s nod of approval. He appears to be one of many males who find this dress alluring as I have since learnt. Get yourself some Motel in that wardrobe ladies!

This is me a wearing it. Pretty don't you think? You can only really see the top but still..
4. I introduced him to my friends with casual beers at Archive, in West End, Brisbane. Australia beer boutique with a library theme? Puuuurfect for an English literature major.

5. We spent a few romantic days and nights holed up in a luxurious hotel in the city centre. Nice girls never kiss and tell.

6. We went to MELBOURNE to visit one of our best friends! Good coffee, icecream, shops, bars, loads of amazing street art as you can see below…everyone loves Melbourne. The Boy wanted to move there.
Flinder's Street Station
Notice anything weird in this picture?
Union Lane
 7. We drove along the Great Ocean Road and had a picnic on the beach at Lorne with two of our friends/housemates from Canada. Our roadtrip = good tunes, beers in the backseat (but none consumed by the driver) and a fun time had by all. The boy bought Percy Pigs for car trip consumption and we got to snuggle and snooze in the back seat on the way home.

It's Love...
Just one of the many stunning views along the Great Ocean Road
8. We went shopping on Chapel St and I bought these AH-MAZ-ING shoes. I like, The Boy likes.
Thank you Wittner!
9. We went dancing and drinking at Cookie on Swanston St in Melbourne and I wore my new Motel Dress. The boy said I looked ‘well fit’ and we snogged, amongst the crowds on the rooftop bar, overlooking the city.

10. I got him addicted to this…and he is moving here in June!

I have to say that my Grandmother was right. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and love can conquer anything - especially a minor thing like living on opposite sides of the planet in different time zones...

Until next time xo

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