Monday, November 29, 2010

What a Betty...

Like many women, I love summer.  Every year it swings around bringing with it many of my favourite things: long days, tropical fruit, music festivals, the chance to wear Barbie coloured nail polish just that little bit longer, golden tans, icecream and party season (Christmas, New Years and then my Birthday = cocktail dresses galore!). 

Albeit, with the good there sometimes comes bad and there are also a few things I dislike about summer. Humidity – the enemy of nice hair and shine-free faces, occasional sunburn and the annual summer swimsuit search.

This is a hunt dreaded by women everywhere. I mean let’s be honest, who wants to expose their pale winter skin and those few extra kilos in an unflattering store mirror when they’re surrounded by pictures of Jessica Hart and Jennifer Hawkins flaunting their tanned thighs and toned butts. Really, can you think of anything worse?

Miss Universe and Miss Model-of-the-moment staring back at me while I struggle to fit my DDs into a bikini is not my favoured activity (and for that matter designers please take note – girls with boobs wear bikinis too and a C cup masquerading as a DD is a swimsuit FAIL).

This year however, I surprised myself with a mostly pain free tog-shopping excursion. I magically seem to have detoured past the usual routine of crying over my muffin top in the fitting room and I found a swimsuit that I feel comfortable in – and would you believe sexy – when I put it on!

It’s a MIRACLE I hear you cry..and yes you better believe it because it’s true. 

If you read any women’s magazines you should know that nautical is once again ‘in’ right now (I personally feel that it is pretty much never ‘out’ though). One pieces are also rivalling bikinis in sales…and my new swimsuit, well she ticks both of these boxes. I’m going to call her Betty.

Betty's on the far right

Totally foxy no?

Back view (I wish my arse looked like that!
Betty is pretty damn fabulous don't you think?! When I put her on I feel like a 1950’s pin-up girl flirting with wealthy playboys and soaking up the sunshine on the French Riviera (which incidentally is her real name). She’s cut like a siren, hugging my curves, placing emphasis on the good and drawing attention away from the bad. You could say, we are a match made in swimsuit heaven.

I plan on wearing her with a tan, loose beachy waves (provided humidity decides not to join my beach party), a little sarong for some Car to beach modesty, and my good old Havianas. Bring on summer I say! Hmmm if only I could get away with a red lip and wined eyeliner at the beach…


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