Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can you be in love with a dress?

Last night I did a little online shopping at my old favourite ASOS and bought the dress that will hopefully serve as the centre of my party outfit on New Year's Eve...that is unless I fall in love with another one in the post Christmas sales (highly likely). Anyway, I won't keep you waiting long it's the Motel 'Wanda' dress in leopard.

I personally feel that this dress is pretty much my best discovery since finding white chocolate covered Oreos in Greece. Yup it's that good. I plan on wearing it with insanely high black pumps or a pair of cute Primark flats depending on how the evening works out. I'm already looking forward to wow-ing the boy T with it.

And just think of the possibilities after NYE...music festivals with a straw trilby and gladitators, to the office with a blazer, opaques and ballet flats. Really, if you can find a leopard print dress that as adorable and versatile as this I applaud you. Of course you could just go and buy it too. I won't mind. It's only natural to be obsessed with leopard print and to want to look modestly sexy (i.e. not like a tart). And it's such a good price! Really, thanks to its designs, quality and pricepoint Motel is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. I would wear pretty much everything on their website if I could afford it all but I will also freely admit that some of their designs may be a little too short/tight/unsuited for my figure.

Four totally different yet equally lust-worthy pieces you might like...

1. First date perfection. Understated and cute but still a whole lotta sassy.

2. Hot outfit to wear to a festival/gig or simply out with the girls.

3. The perfect outfit for when you know you're going to see that ass called you're ex-boyfriend.

4. Relaxed and polished for a weekend full of pretty much anything: brunches, BBQs, shopping, drinks at your local, seeing a movie with friends - anything!



And that my friends is all for this evening. I am off to shop the Urban Outfitters website now. I mean erm write a new budget.


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