Monday, November 22, 2010

It's how I roll...

So it's the weekend update, starting with Friday night.

Philadelphia Grand Jury – affectionately known to fans as the Philly J’s – played the Hi-fi Bar in Brisbane on Friday night (supported by The Howls). This was my maiden voyage to this great Brisbane venue as it opened just before I went travelling and I can honestly say it was an interesting night.
Vinyl Bar
Sweaty, sweaty man
The décor of Vinyl (the front bar) on Boundary St reminded me of raiding my parent’s liquor cabinet as a teenager. The bar set up was reminiscent of the 1970’s with the dark wood panels and mirrors encasing gin and whiskey and old records lining the walls (just like Mum and Dad’s classic ‘Cabinet of magic’). Thanks to Movember, the place was also peppered with indie boys sporting moustaches adding to the whole 70s feel.
I do love me an indie boy*. 

Boy T is an Indie boy of the very finest calibre. In fact my indie boy description is pretty much just a description of him (and some of the other delicious eye candy at the Hi-Fi Bar on Friday night of course). But anyway, back to the case at hand; the Philly J’s. They were freakin’ awesome and despite some douchebag spilling his entire drink on my cute black and gold Primarni flats I still had a totally rad time.

I wore a simple navy and grey dress accessorised with a leopard print head band, a truckload of black eyeliner and let’s not forget my adorable Primark shoes that got drenched in beer.

Lead Singer of Philly J's
The sighting of an evil ex-boyfriend quite nearly ruined the night but thankfully a kick arse performance from the band, a tasty Carlsberg and some eye-fucking madness with a couple of indie boys redeemed the evening. My girlfriends and I met the band after the show too. You know, it’s just how we roll. 

Saturday is an entirely different story filled with tapas and cocktails at Bread and Butter on the Gold Coast, my very first (champagne fuelled) limo ride and just a few hours sleep after hitting Coolangatta's Never Land. Boys with full-sleeve tattoos and tanned girls wearing the best in body-con dominated the scene and the vodka tasted toxic. But it was still a great night out to celebrate my friend's Dirty 30!

Fooling around with the Limo
*My definition of an Indie Boy: generally wears skinny jeans with a cool t shirt or a flannel, sometimes seen sporting a man-igan or square rimmed glasses with a tousled yet trendy haircut. Into great music, fashion, a bit of art, culture and travel. Intelligent enough to have a decent conversation and damn damn sexy too! Not to be confused with Emo Boys. N.B. dyed black hair, too much eyeliner and a sad face are NOT ATTRACTIVE! Some good examples of hot indie boys: The Kooks and the Drums!

That's all for tonight. I'm going to bed to dream of hot Indie boys...or maybe just one in particular.

xx K

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