Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inaugural Australian ZARA expedition

Panic, mayhem, bitchiness and no purchases marked my first visit to Zara’s flagship Australian store in Sydney. The words epic fail pretty much some up this shopping experience for me.

Honestly, you know my love of Zara – over the years it has provided me with leopard print skirts, floral maxis, smart blazers, tailored shirts, jeans, red suede heels…you get the picture. So imagine my devastation when my first trip to Zara Australia didn’t meet my (admittedly very high) expectations. I’m talking a Sex and the City 2 level of disappointment here ladies…maybe even a bigger let down than when I discovered Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansen*.

Such was the devastation, The Boy had to buy me a Caramello Koala to distract me until I recovered enough to keep shopping.

Anyway back to Zara. Not since the great Myer Stocktake sale of 2006 (during which I worked in the heavily discounted lingerie department) have I seen so many women rifling through piles of wearable items, snatching things off hangers and queuing for miles outside the fitting rooms.

The atmosphere can really only be described as cutthroat.

My lack of enthusiasm for this environment meant that I most likely missed out on any good stuff still in the store…I mean where the hell was these?


Or any of these for that matter?


No doubt they were already sold out or secured in the arms of the blonde who spiked me with her umbrella in the haste to secure the one (and only) navy dress that caught my eye.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. 

*Of course I am aware that Ryan is back on the market…this analogy not only renews my hope that one day I will have a celebrity wedding payed for by People Magazine but also that Zara will turn itself around and start selling things I want to buy!  

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  1. LOL I have the leopard print dress, you need to get to Spain, land of Zara! xxx


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