Monday, November 28, 2011

Everyone loves a makeover...

Lately I've been feeling a little, well...meh.  I lost my blogging mojo and certain parts of my life had gotten a little dull so I decided that it was time for some drastic action. And what better way to shake things up than with a makeover.

Everyone loves a makeover - especially my heart beats.

You'll notice I've added some tabs at the top so you can more easily find posts under particular topics and I'm sure you haven't missed my brand spanking new header and background. What do you think of the facelift so far?

I'd also like to let you all know that the makeover doesn't stop here. Fed up with not fitting into half the contents of my wardrobe and with feeling self-conscious and unfit, I've decided that things have to change.

Spurred on by inspirational Bloggers like Cooper at runthreeseven and Amanda at mevsthebulge and with the support and encouragement of The Boy and I am embarking upon a new health and fitness regime/challenge to eat 'clean', exercise more and cut as much sugar as possible out of my diet. I'll be blogging my ups and downs along the way as a way to keep me accountable and hopefully encourage others to work towards their fitness goals too.

So watch this space...and if you've got any tips - tweet me!

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