Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emma Watson for People Tree

With the entertainment world focusing its attention on the recent release of the final Harry Potter movie, Emma Watson and the Harry Potter alumni are popping up everywhere, from bus shelter posters to happy meals. But while her alter ego Hermione is defending the world with best friends Harry and Ron, Emma herself is gracing the covers of Vogue and Grazia magazine.
Her foray into the fashion world has been well documented for a number of years now – modeling for Burberry, sitting front row at Paris fashion week, appearing in magazines around the world  and generally rocking some amazing outfits (hello centre pic above!)-but it’s her relationship with ethical brand People Tree I find most interesting.

Watson has designed and developed 3 collections for the ethical clothing label and she also travelled to Bangladesh to see how the garments are put together – not something your regular celebrity brand ambassador would be willing to do.
You have to admit she wears the clothing pretty well too. Girl got it going on!

Ok, so her designs for People Tree aren’t particularly groundbreaking but they are cute and wearable and relatively inexpensive (although many high-street fashion lovers would disagree with that) and I would personally love to own any of these. Wouldn’t you?

I would encourage everyone to head on over to their website now (or you can find them at the Asos Green Room) and check out the amazing range they have ON SALE.

Yup ON SALE People!  Surely a dress, a blazer or some tailored shorts that hold an ethical stamp of approval deserve a spot in your wardrobe? Even if you don’t like Emma’s collection there’s plenty to choose from - my personal favourites are below. How can you not love the Kire Pod Dress (bottom right) ?!!
Alongside Watson, People Tree have also collaborated with Vivienne Westwood and Orla Kiely - could this be a sign that fairtrade fashion is starting to compete on a bigger scale? I certainly hope so.

Can we extend that crazy Harry Potter fan level of excitment about the movie to upcoming collections form People Tree?

I already am. Why not join me?

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