Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello savings...good bye shopping

I am on a self-imposed shopping ban.

For the next three months I am going to forgo shoes, bags, accessories, make-up and clothing to save money.

I don’t honestly think my shopping habit is out of control, but I made this decision with the hope of taking more control of my finances and to also try to wear and use items I already own, rather than buying new ones.

My wardrobe is stuffed full of things I don’t wear enough and whilst I know this isn’t an uncommon problem I feel like I need to stop contributing to it! Honestly, I could outfit the cast of gossip girl with cocktail dresses for a year and have dresses to spare.

Anyway, I have devised a couple of rules to help guide me through what is bound to be a challenging few months:

  1. I can look and touch, but I am not allowed to buy. In other words window shopping and trying on are perfectly acceptable flirtations. Committing to a purchasing relationship is not. I mean it. ASOS I will probably look at you lustfully each week but you’ll not be seeing my credit card until June!
  2. I can borrow or swap clothing, bags etc with my sister/mum/friends.
  3. I am strictly under no circumstances allowed to purchase ANY nail polish as my collection is already pushing 50.
  4. I am allowed to replace make-up items if they run out but this is the only circumstance under which I can purchase them.
  5. I can break my ban if Zimmermann have one of their fabulous warehouse sales. However, if this does occur, I must continue my shopping ban for the month of June.
  6. Items purchased as gifts for others are exempt from the ban (they are obviously not for me).
  7. I am allowed to purchase material, patterns etc if I wish to sew something new but the costs associated with the sewing project must not exceed $100. I put this one in but the likelihood of actually doing it is slim.
  8. Magazines are on the no-go list too.
  9. Other expenses such as books, travel and socialising must be carefully watched so I don’t simply replace hot shoes with hard covers.
  10. $50 a week will go into my Piggy bank for a treat when the three months is up.

The challenge starts tomorrow so wish me luck xx

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