Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mission completed

My eyes wandered over her gently curves and glowing tan. At that moment I knew the search was over. I had found my sole-mate…

I have forever been on the hunt for the perfect tan wedge and indeed I’ve flirted with investing in a few potentials, but they were never quite right for me. They didn’t fit properly or I didn’t like the colour, one was too wide, another not wide enough...I had all but given up when on a fateful day in January I walked past Payless Shoes.

There she was, sitting pretty in the window.

‘Try them on’ said my sister A. 

‘It can’t hurt.’ 

Little did she know the pain my feet had endured on their 2 year “Tan Wedge Heel Mission”.

‘I suppose there’s only one way to find out…’ my voice drifted off. I was already imagining us together. Prancing around the office paired with my Navy Cue frock, sipping cocktails with my girlfriends and dominating dancefloors everywhere.

‘Come on then’ A said, dragging me into the store.

It wasn’t quite the place I’d imagined finding my shoe crush. It smelled vaguely of rubber and lacked the enticing atmosphere of the shoe shops I more regularly frequent…but I soldiered on.

Slipping my feet into the size 8 I felt like Cinderella.

‘They fit like a glove!’ I cried with joy.

I stood up and walked a few paces. They didn’t exactly feel like slippers but they were comfy and they made my legs look nothing short of amazing. I walked a little more and wiggled my toes. Puuurfect.

‘Buy them’ A said, ‘They are $69 and they look twice the price!’.

I tucked the shoe box under my arm, whipped out my savings card and ran to the cash register where I was greeted with the words every woman loves to hear…'alright there? You know if you buy another pair they’re half price?’

I did the maths in my head and practically started to hyperventilate. I could get the same shoes in black for $35?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s $104 for two pairs of dream wedges!?? WHERE ARE THEY?!??! I WANT THEM NOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Of course, I didn’t say this out loud but simply responded with a much more, albeit less fiscally responsible ‘Why not?’.

And why not indeed...threesomes can be fun.

Simple, classic & versatile = my perfect match

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