Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Cute) creatures of the night

Owls are meant to be spooky birds of prey associated with death, sorcery and bad luck…so why are they all of a sudden everywhere looking cuter than ever?

Does our own soul searching lead us to look for little carriers of wisdom?  Should we blame this revival on Hedwig and her infamous owner Harry Potter? Or are we simple unable to resist those giant curious eyes...

Images courtesy of urbanoufitter.com and urbanoutfitters.co.uk

A quick look on urban outfitters and I found these potential companions...(Clockwise from top left)

1. Owl Cushion - 24 pounds
2. VeraMeat Owl Ring - $US78
3. Rosa the Owl Bank $US16
4. Owl Flask $US18
5. Owl Sewing Kit $US18
6. Pave Owl Earrings $US14

I think they're all adorable!! Do you think 27 is too old to start a collection?


  1. I think these are really cute, I saw a gorgeous owl necklace at Diva!
    I don't think 27 is too old to wear owl accessories, the earrings are really nice too!
    Great to find a fellow Australian beauty blogger

  2. i love owls and don't think they're scary you should start a collection and begin with the cushion =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. owls are mysterious and beautiful...a little haunting too but that adds charm. i'm 28 this year and i continue to start collections every week. if i stopped collecting then i would stop being inspired. don't want that happening. x


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