Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yo are you ready for this?

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that I post about a whole range of things from nail polish to music to travel and fashion. But can I write a post combining all of these? It's worth a shot right?

Today I received a gift all the way from the boy in England (Travel: TICK!). It was a leopard print bangle and a black rose ring and I’ve been told that the Zara skirt I mentioned in this obsessive rambling is on it’s way to me as a belated B’day gift (Fashion: TICK)! I know. He’s the best isn’t he?

Anyway, this little surprise made me gleefully happy and I have been wearing both items around the house all day. I ‘accessorised my accessorises’ with my pajamas - Peter Alexander thank you very much - and digits covered in OPI’s ‘Do you Lilac it’ (Nail Polish: TICK).  See?

I love my surprise gifts so much and not least because they match my nails perfectly. Although considering that this nail polish is the perfect shade of purple and goes with pretty much everything that’s not really that impressive...if you haven’t already got it go and buy it NOW!

Aside from showering me with gifts The Boy also occasionally sends me music videos as part a long-running game of ours where we try to ‘out music’ each other (Music: TICK). Remember I posted about a band called Egyptian Hip Hop? That was a suggestion from The Boy. He sent me one last night but my computer doesn’t not want to play it. I think that lately it has become a little bit too accustomed to ‘teenage dreams’ and getting ‘slizzered’ so I can’t really blame it for not trusting me to play better quality music on it. My bad.

And BOOM there's a post! I ain’t no one trick pony people. I hope you enjoyed a little Daily lovin’ Fresh Prince style.



  1. Love that nail varnish colour! Its so pretty, I bought one similar last week xxx check it out maybe ? :D


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