Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gangster's, daemons and strawberry smoothies

Whilst I’ll admit that this weekend hasn’t exactly been packed full of excitement a few lovely things have happened which I wanted to blog about.

To make it easier for you to digest I’ve decided to put it into dot points.

  1. I enjoyed brunch with some girlfriends at Anouk. I ate the delicious breakfast quesadilla and drank a ‘ok but could have been better’ coconut and mango smoothie. Oh and brunch always requires a coffee. Mmm coffee.
  2. Brunch also meant that I received my belated Birthday present from my lovely friends H and J. Behold the magic that is this necklace!!
This gorgeous little bird, sat around my neck all day long.

  1. Had an unfortunate encounter with an ex boyfriend…and his mother. Aaaaaawkward. Consequently, instead of going to the gym my lovely friend G accompanied me for a strawberry smoothie. I think the talking and the icecream in my 'healthy drink' worked some magic on me as I felt ten times better when we parted.
  2. I had a wander around West End with my sister and saw this bike outside avid reader. I. Love. It. Of course I will need to overcome the fear of breaking my arm/legs/face/all of the above that seems to overcome me as soon as i step within a 12 metre radius of two wheels but that's a simple technicality. Besides, the Boy said he may be able to help me with this when he moves to Australia - in 12 weeks!!  YAY!
Different coloured wheels? Yes please!

  1. I went to a going away party where we spent 2 hours locked in a room singing karaoke. I’m not going to go into too much detail here but let’s just say that knowing all the lyrics to Gangster’s Paradise is no longer a hidden talent of mine…oh and here’s a couple of non-incriminating pics from the evening.

As you can see from our drinks - Karaoke is classy.

  1. I finished reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. It was a gift from the Boy and I absolutely adored it. It really opened up my imagination and it made me want my own animal daemon. I’m a pretty slow reader and often start a book without ever finishing it so it is always wonderful when I find a book I can’t put down because I am so involved in the story. I am now on the hunt to find matching editions of the other two books in His Dark Material’s series. Perhaps when my shopping ban is over…
Overall my weekend has made me very thankful that i have such wonderful friends and family. How's that for a nice mushy thought to go to bed with.

Sweet dreams everyone xx


    1. Sounds like a great few days. I love going to brunch with friends as well, and that necklace is so pretty.

      The His Dark Material’s series are my favourite books!! Wait till you get to the 3rd book. It is purely amazing!!

    2. i love the necklace so cute xoxo


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