Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A-dressing a dilemma

With April almost here it means that May isn’t far behind it. Frick.

Normally, I’d be excited for the drop in temperature to a ‘chilly’ 15°C and the opportunity to start sporting scarves and tights on a regular basis (without being regarded as a loony), but unfortunately not this year.

This year, things are different because May brings a most nerve-racking, dreaded event with it…my ten year high school reunion.

I know. I can’t believe how bloody old I am either.

But aren’t you amazed at how good I look for my age? How youthful and fresh I am? No? Anyone? Helloooooooooo.

Oh well, time to move on. 

I can honestly say that I am looking forward to spending an evening drinking champagne, eating canapés and gossiping with some of my best girlfriends (maybe we’ll even dance to Time after Time Romy and Michelle style). However, this hasn’t stopped the monster of insecurity  from rearing its head and posing a very serious question to me:

“What the hell are you going to wear?”

Damn monster knows I have no idea! Even thinking about it feels stressful because I’ve decided that dressing for a high school reunion will kind of be like dressing for a first date. You want to look slammin’ hot but completely effortless.

I also need to convey a sense of ‘I’ve got it together, am a very successful person with a highly overpaid job, lots of friends and a Fortune 500 CEO boyfriend who models in his spare time’.

On a side note when I wrote that sentence I had to stop a minute because I realised that I actually do have at least a little bit of that ‘got it togetherness’ going on. I have wonderful friends, an amazing boyfriend and a job that I enjoy but still HOW DO I CONVEY ALL OF THIS IN AN OUTFIT???!?!?!!!?

A quick look on Asos (who I see are now doing FREE standard shipping to Oz 100% of the time - YAY!) and I found these. My favourite of the two is the green one in the middle - the ASOS Premium Pleat Shoulder Dress With Full Skirt for 50 pounds.
Which do you prefer?
Thoughts? I think it's quite simple but still really cute and with the right accessories it could be a home run style wise. I can almost see myself sauntering into the room, heads turning, people acknowledging...then walking into a bar stool and falling down some stairs. Unfortunately,clumsy is my game not graceful. 

On H&M I found this perfect piece of sunshine (the yellow dress) which I've worked into Polyvore to try and show you how I'd style it - black tights, glam jewelery. Simple and relaxed but still a little different.

Adorable no? I am DYING to own it and everything in that picture. Although I already have the ring thanks to The Boy and some new black brogues exactly like that pair...let’s just forget about that shopping ban ok?

So tell me am I on the right track for my reunion outfit? Do you think I could work a yellow ruffle with black tights and brogues or would I be committing fashion suicide?

I want your thoughts so lay em out people!



  1. I think the red dress above looks hot and with your new hairstyle, you'd totally pull it off :).

  2. OMG I want that green ASOS dress!! To die! I think you would look chic and effortless in any of those options, K.


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