Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A whole in one

Onesie. Jumpsuit. Romper. Playsuit. Whatever you call them, this style divides women (and men) every-wear.

Are they sexy, fun and versatile or do they make grown women look like blind and frumpy overgrown children?

This debate certainly isn’t new and with jumpsuits having been on the scene for a few years now and with more and more appearing each season there is little doubt in my mind that they are here to stay.

I have a severe problem with this trend and before you log off, no I’m not a romper hater. In fact I have loved them for a long time. This is me embracing the onesie trend as a four year old.

Rocking it don't you think?

Yup I’m working it.  In fact, my mum says that this is still one of her all time favourite outfits of mine, alongside a Zimmermann dress and my jade coloured trench coat. If only clothing magically grew with its owners and I still had it.

Seriously though, playsuits can look so effortless and chic when worn the right way. Just look at the below pictures below and try to tell me that these startlets don’t all look fresh and glamorous.

Photos courtesy of Google and five minutes in photoshop
Friends, I think my problem is that whilst I desperately want to channel Nicole Richie and make friends with a jumpsuit, I’m not sure one exists that would a) flatter my figure and b) that I actually like!

Now before you accuse me of asking too much of my ‘dream onesie’, let me tell you that all I’m asking for is for something simple and flattering. Not too short or tight. I want classic. Printed or plain I’m not too concerned, it’s the fit that I am looking for and this of course is the most difficult to get right simply due to the way the garment is designed. Yes it’s still a difficult trend to wear and it helps if you have lean limbs to pull it off like some of my favourite bloggers Blair and Sherin.

Luckily for me, at the moment Asos appears to be jumpsuit crazy! I have in fact located one-sie or two that may work for me but not being able to try them on is the biggest problem here and even though they have a lovely returns policy, being in Australia doesn’t make this entirely easy or economical. Regardless, here is my wishlist.

Exhibit A – Mango Belted Jumpsuit


This is pretty much exactly the kind of playsuit I want. I love the clean lines and I think it would look great with gladiators in summer or I could dress it up with heels and pop-colour tights in winter…oh shopping ban why did I go on you.

Exhibit B - Jillian Reiss


SO expensive and never going to happen but so classic. It's masculine but still feminine enough to be sexy!

 Exhibit C - French Connection.


This is simple and I love the fabric and the details on the shoulders/ And I want those shoes.

So which is your favourite? Where do you stand in the great playsuit divide? Do you love or loathe them? And how do you wear yours if you have one?

xx Kirst

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  1. I think playsuits look great, but it's all down to the style and who's wearing them. I love the 2 black ones you've featured. They really don't suit me but if they did I'd totally be wearing a playsuit come winter

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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