Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fiscally responsible?


Yesterday I went to the Mimco outlet store at DFO and splurged a little. My bad. I bought these two headbands for $10 each - which retailed at $50 and $70 respectively-  and this Half Moon Black Day bag for $215 (reduced from  $450!!). It's 100% leather with patent leather trim - the pictures don't do it justice and I plan to use it as an 'everyday, work and play' bag that will (hopefully) last me forever/a long time.

Although I spent more than I normally would on a bag I really do view it as an investment piece. Plus the fact that I saved $335 off the RRP ($335!!) kind of  makes me feel like I'm a smart, financially responsible woman.

But am I?

I still spent money which I probably didn't need to spend so am I really just an irresponsible spender trying to kid myself otherwise?

Personally, I would never ever purchase any of these items at their original prices. I simply couldn't afford it and seriously $70 for a headband?? Get real. As much as I love Mimco I really do feel that they severely inflate their prices to increase the perceived value of their goods. But if they do this and I feel like I'm getting a bargain when they have a sale, am I actually getting one or am I just being persuaded by marketing tactics into thinking I'm saving money when I'm still spending it?! It's an interesting question don't you think?

I will be pondering this as I take my new bag to work tomorrow accompanied by a sparkly red heart and a  big smile. Or perhaps I"ll be too caught up in admiring it's soft leather to even think about it...


  1. lol you spent my entire birthday budget on one bag. It does look very nice though and I hope you get some good comments today! I went shopping myself over the weekend and bought two pairs of pants, a workshirt and my indulgence was three pairs of new shoes :). I'm wearing a new pair at work now and a gorgeous Oroton necklace my sister gave me for my birthday.

  2. You really did the right thing K. A hang bag is an investment, for sure. Have you got some leather conditioner and protector to put on the new addition to the family? This was my mistake with my Mimco purchase. Still, if you don't protect it it definitely creates a story with all the marks you create.

    I still have a stain plastered across the back from a dodgy night at the cas.

    Am loving your posts miss! xo


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