Sunday, April 3, 2011


Source of Oven Love
I’m not sure who is to blame. Was it Mr Humidity? Mrs New-brand-of-Almond-Meal? Or was it simply my heavy handed use of food colouring (I just wanted to make them pretty I swear!)?

Whatever the reason, my second attempt at making macarons was a bit of a fail. Not quite an epic fail but a fail nonetheless.  

Now before I launch into a big spiel of how I repeated the same process as last time and how I was really careful not to over or under mix my eggs and how when I lay out my macarons they looked perfect and I dutifully let them sit for an hour before putting them in the oven but then when they came out they just didn’t look right and I don’t know where it went so wrong and my baking fail made me sad for about a half an hour before I watched Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight and danced around my living room with my puppy dog to Architecture in Helsinki…oh wait. Oops.
Source: Gourmet Baking
Luckily, all hope was not lost on my slightly weird looking delights. I filled them with homemade lemon curd and cream cheese icing. How can that not be a winning combination? I mean it’s lemon curd and cream cheese. Alone they are already incredible but the two of them together make a super-delicious, tooth-enamel fighting team with the magical ability to put you into a sugar-induced coma of happiness…mmmmm 

Anyway, everyone who ate them told me they were delicious despite their lack of 'structural integrity'. I don't care if they were lying or not (I don't think they were as they did taste pretty delicious).
Source: Not So Humble Pie
I didn't take any pictures of them because they pretty much just dissolved in your fingers before even reaching your mouth and I don't really want photographic evidence of such a disappointment. However, I know you're hungry for macarons now so let's all pretend that in real life I made ones that closely resembled the perfect specimens in these pictures...pretty please? Do you have any tips for making Macarons? What is your favourite flavour?


  1. Hey chica,
    Re: Moving to Berlin - which you absolutely must do! I managed to land a job within my profession in 3 days with next to no German. Other friends used a job search engine Monster or and found jobs in little time. It's often that people work several jobs - nannying, English tutoring, cafe work. It depends what you're looking for but there's plenty around if you advertise. Start familiarizing yourself with the language back home then finish the learning in Berlin. The best move I made, the most vibrant City to live in and there's a multitude of people that speak English so easier than you think. Good luck!

  2. i do enjoy a good macaron baking challenge. have a lovely recipe that you must try, gives you hints on how many times to stir the batter, how to double tray in the oven to avoid burning and the exact technique. they taste amazing either which way!


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