Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ring a ding-ding


Fact of the matter is I like rings. Gold, silver, big small. I love them all! I have a pretty vast collection that I'm always adding to and will continue to do so - unfortunately just not at the minute due to my recent Mimco purchase! This is a difficult rule to stick to (you all know how spending rules turn out for me...) after seeing this post on Red Phoenix and spending a lunch hour or two trying to de-stress myself by looking online at pretty things. But I will soldier and and rather than going out and purchasing a new ring I am going to stay in and blog about the fabulous ones I already own! So here we go.

Let's start with Marine life. A logical place to start right? Behold my gorgeous sandy starfish. As the ever stylish FF would say 'I luff it 11/10'!
I bought this ring when I was living in Canada from a pop up store at a Vancouver Street Market. After that I saw it in US/Canadian Glamour magazine for 4 times the price. This further cemented my unconditional love for it. Everytime I wear it I remember summer in Vancouver and just how god damn pretty and fun jewellery can be! The nail polish is Coral Sunset by the way.
What girl doesn't love pink, purple and diamantes? At $12 this was a cheapy from Diva...but shedoes not disappoint! Can you see that sparkle?

You might have seen me wear this ring in this post. It was on sale for $5 - again at Diva. that place really is a treasure trove! My friend IJ bought it for me as part of my Christmas gift. It is pretty much perfect for all occasions - festivals, cocktails, name it.

This picture is a collection of my less 'showy' rings. The silver and amber ones were my mums back in the day and the shell was a gift from my sister A. I travelled around the world with them all.

Another gift from A, who bought this big sparkler back for me from Paris. Every time I wear it people eye it off. I can't really blame them though. Who doesn't love a glamourous frenchy?

These little ones are a bit of a mixed bag. The big one is again from Diva, the middle one I picked off a Total Girl Magazine (don't worry I bought it) about 4 years ago and the pink and red on on the right I bought when I was in Bosnia (specifically Mostar - the capital of Herzegovina). My travel buddy A bought the same ring but in green and blue.

This one is simple but also one of my favourites. I bought it the day I arrived in Santorini two years ago. It's gold and has warmed my fingers through about 20 countries and still gets worn probably more regularly then any of my rings. I honestly could not replace this it is so special to me.

But like I said there's always room for more....

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  1. A lovely ring post! It is so nice to remember the meaning of each piece of jewellery. I like the starfish ring and I LOVE your two tone purple nail polish with your Santorini ring!



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