Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SOS please someone help me

It’s not healthy for me to feel this way…about a dress.

It’s been a couple of months since I bought my Motel ‘Garden' print Patty dress which I'm wearing in this post. Normally after owning something for a while I find that it starts to lose a little bit of its allure, but not the Patty. Nope. I am still completely obsessed with this dress and can’t stop raving about the perfect fit and versatility it beholds. 

I have worn it to many different occasions from work to weekends and have never felt under or overdressed. This is certainly the best dress I've bought in a long while. I feel instantly great when I put it on and with winter quickly approaching I thought it might be nice to investigate the possibility of buying the Patty in other fabrics. 

Unfortunately, ‘Operation Pocket a Patty’ hasn’t exactly worked out as I had hoped.
After discovering the dress in ‘Another Rose’ (see pictured) I have spent literally hours scrolling through online shopping websites trying to hunt it down in my size. Alas, it appears that only extra smalls are still around because the print is from last year. BOO! Why am I constantly behind the trends? First Zumba now this...

I can feel myself spiraling into a deep depression as my Ebay search results are equally fruitless. I am even considering the slightly (not really) more available black polka dot version but it just won't do. I’m almost ready to give up and consult my mum on how to make a pattern from the dress but before I do - can anyone help?

Have you spied Patty in a medium or large? Give me a tip off if you have!



  1. It's definitely a really pretty dress. And Motel do some fab clothes.
    Shame you can't find the dress you want online.

  2. I must be more behind the times than you, as once again I am learning about fashion - never heard of Patty before, yes shameful! On a different note, I bought myself some nice Baxi jewels this week that I really hope they arrive soon and in time for the reunion, which I still have to find a dress for.

  3. i hate it when this happens - i'll keep an eye out xx

  4. this dress is so pretty so i hope you manage to find one. im sure it'll turn up on ebay soon enough

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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